Website of Götz H. Giering

PhD Student of Management Science at Loughborough University

Student Profile

Götz joined Loughborough University as a doctoral researcher in Management Science in January 2017. Prior to his PhD studies, he undertook a Masters in Business Analytics Consulting at Loughborough University in 2016. His undergraduate degree in International Business Studies was granted from Friedrich-Alexander Universität in Erlangen-Nürnberg and involved courses in Germany, China and South Korea. Over the course of his education he was able to secure multiple scholarships to support his development.

His extra-curriculum activities involved being a programme representative for his master course, as well as being a member of entrepreneurial student societies in Germany and Switzerland.

He gained professional experience during his studies as a student worker at Fraunhofer Institute, and several entrepreneurial projects. Götz holds numerous certificates, e.g. for his involvement for The Institute for Peace Affairs in Seoul, and for his achievements as a programme rep and his work with SAS software during the completion of his master degree.

His personal interests besides research include travelling, investment, chess, and football.

Below are the links to two mouse-tracing studies for my PhD project:
Process-tracing choice quality in riskless multi-attribute decisions
Study 1 - Condition 1 Study 1 - Condition 2 Study 1 - Condition 3 Study 1 - Condition 4 Study 1 - Condition 5 Study 1 - Condition 6 Study 2 - Condition 1 Study 2 - Condition 2